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Payroll in St Albans

Looking for payroll services for your business in St Albans, throughout Hertfordshire and England?

If you have employees working in your business, calculating the correct amount of tax, national insurance and pension contributions on your employee’s is an increasingly complex area with the added obligation of submitting all the data to HMRC before any of your employees are paid in each payroll run.

Fisher Ng Chartered Accountants have many years of experience in dealing with payroll's for business' and can provide you with a high quality, efficient service.

Our Payroll Process

Once you have given us the gross pay data and any other data for a payroll run we will:

1. calculate the deductions such as tax, national insurance, pension contributions and any other deductions

2. send you the payslips for forwarding to each employee and for showing you how much net pay to be paid to employee.

3. send you a payroll summary showing the amount of liability HMRC.

4. Submit the payroll data to HMRC

5. Submit the pension data to the pension provider

6. At the pension of the tax year, preparation of P60 for each of your employees.

Pension auto-enrolment

All employers, even with one employee, must have a pension available and comply with all the reporting requirements. 

Are you dreading the headache of this Pension auto-enrolment administration. Our payroll software together with our nominated pension provider are able to ease your pension administration burden by

  • calculating the correct amount of employee and employer pension contribution
  • communicate with your employees
  • report to the Pension Regulator

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